It is estimated that 75% of adults and teens are deficient in Vitamin D. ? Many may not see symptoms right away, but long term this deficiency can lead to bone, heart, blood pressure, and mood issues. So while supplementation is important for many of us, it is critical for others. ?

Recent studies have shown that some of the population have polymorphisms (an error in DNA) in the vitamin D biochemical pathway, which can cause symptoms, but also lead to premature death! Because Vitamin D is so crucial to our bodies (it is used in pathways which create about 4.6% of our proteins) those with this polymorphism are prone to dying early from several different causes. ☠ To find out if you have inherited, or are likely to pass on this polymorphism, we recommend taking the 23andMe DNA Test.

Because Vitamin D is a fat soluble hormone, those who are overweight often have deficient levels of Vitamin D in their blood stream as well. ? The Vitamin D can get trapped in excess fat cells and not make it to other parts of the body where it is needed for its various functions.

In addition to this, those who maintain a Vitamin D blood level of 40-60 ng/ml (less than 30 ng/ml is considered inadequate) show lower rates of cancer,? cardiovascular disease, ❤ and stroke!?   Plus vitamin D helps aging ?

These and other issues relating to Vitamin D are explained in a presentation by Dr. Rhonda Patrick in the video below (see minutes 5:46-12:36

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