Supplements can be life-changing. Since our modern world (especially our food) is lacking in nutrition it once provided, vitamins can “fill in the gaps” to help us thrive. But there’s a potentially dark side of taking these vitamins and minerals. Today we’ll explore the question of “can you get liver damage from supplements?” and what to do about it.

First, let’s do a quick break down of how the liver functions for us daily.

How the Liver Works: Your Body’s Detoxifier

Your liver is a large organ located right above the right side of your stomach and beneath your ribcage. It’s reddish-brown, rubbery, and weighs about three pounds. There are two sections to the liver: the right and left lobe.

Your gallbladder, intestines, and pancreas all sit right under your liver, and these organs work together digesting and absorbing food and other things you consume.

One of your liver’s main functions is filtering toxins:

  • Filtering blood coming from your digestive tract before it goes to the rest of your body
  • Detoxifying chemicals in your body
  • Metabolizing any drugs you take

(The liver also creates proteins needed for important processes, like blood clotting, and secretes a greenish-brown fluid called bile that aids digestion.)

Like medications, supplements (yes, even all-natural ones) are also filtered through the liver—which can be a problem in some cases.

The Truth About Liver Damage from Supplements

According to WebMD, national registry data from 2003 to 2011 shows dietary and herbal supplements were involved in 18% of cases where drugs or supplements caused or were suspected of causing liver injury. These were mostly supplements linked to bodybuilding or weight loss.

And according to a Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) Consumer Survey from 2015, 71% of Americans take dietary supplements.

So while many supplements can be very beneficial for your health, it’s important to be careful about what and how much you take regularly. Vitamin toxicity like too much vitamin A, for example, can lead to liver damage (which is why we advocate not taking it in supplement form), along with too much niacin.

Plus, if you take a supplement pill and suffer from underlying issues, such as leaky gut syndrome, it might be less effective because your “in-transit” system is off [1,2].

But thankfully, if you want to avoid this liver filtering process altogether and still get the benefits of healthy supplements, there is an easy solution.

How to Bypass The Problem: Sprays and Inhalers

Most traditional supplements are offered in pill form, which is why they typically take the same route in your body as prescription medications and food.

But there’s a more effective way to take daily supplements that avoids potential problems: sprays and inhalers.

Benefits of Spray Supplements Over Pills

Taking your vitamins in spray or inhaler form provides a simple shortcut. It bypasses the first step of having to be digested and metabolized through liver or kidney. This circumvents the concern about liver damage from supplements while also boosting absorption and effectiveness.

Besides that, sprays and inhalers are great because:

  • Nutrients through spray or inhalation are absorbed more rapidly and in higher amounts than capsules, pills, or powders.
  • The ingredient list is almost always cleaner. No binding agents, fillers, or gelatins you could do without. (And while some sprays may include questionable flavors or preservatives, CCL Supplements are always free of starches, sugars, preservatives, and other unnecessary junk.)
  • Plus, they’re more pleasant to take! No need to worry about downing gigantic supplement pills, timing them around meals, or finding the right drink to add them to. Just spray and go, wherever you are.

All this and you can avoid burdening your liver with anything extra.

So whether you want natural solutions for better sleep, healthy bones, getting your trace minerals, B12, detoxing, or a caffeine boost, sprays and inhaler supplements can save you from worry about messing with your liver.

(And Advanced Liver will even help detoxify your liver, reduce its load of toxins, and keep it functioning properly.)

Let your liver do its thing and try out the safer, simpler solution today. Find the right spray or inhaler supplement for your needs here.